Unimax Portable Insect Bug Zapper, Mosquito Killer 4W UV Lamp

If you are looking for a safe and quiet way to kill mosquitoes and insects, the Unimax is the unit to go for.

Without using pesticides which contain poisonous substances that are harmful to humans, our electric mosquito killers have double 4W Bulb emits attractive lights, which lure mosquitoes and other insects, and kill them with UV-Led light, it is safe for humans, pets, and the environment. Keeps you in total comfort by naturally ZAP mosquitoes and other dangerous insects.

Product Information 

Product name: Bugs Killer Unimax
Model number: UMB-501W
Safety certificate number: HU10584-15005D
Electromagnetic compatibility registration number: R-REI-UML-UMB-050W
Power rated: 4W
Voltage rated: AC 220V / 60Hz
Usable area: 60m2
Packaging: cardboard box.
Color: white.
Product dimension: 145mm X 145mm x 260mm
Product Weight: 0.9kg
Cord length rated: 150cm

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